Best Buy Vending Machine

Best Buy Vending Machine


I was at SFO today and found myself in front of the Best Buy vending machine. She’s a temptress, I tell you. I heard these items calling softly to me through the glass:

* FitBit Force — I can find it in an airport vending machine but not in the store? They only has the large band or this probably would have ended up in my grubby little paws
* Ollo 4-in-One Camera Lens for iPhone 5 — Decided against it for now since it doesn’t work with my iPhone wallet (BookBook which I love)
* Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 5 — Who doesn’t want more battery power? But, still love my iPhone wallet, so, no-go for now
* Different headphones with microphones — Always am excited to get new ones but at this point I have so many to would definitely just be a waste of money
* Hey! Look at that cute iPod!
* Hey! Samsung tablet!

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